by Liane Amber Mourzi

Our cells are like little children.  They crave love.  When they are ignored and abused, they get sick.  We are often more attentive to our pets than we are to our own bodies.  Then they yell louder, sometimes with pain and we take them to an outside authority who hopefully can tell us what is wrong.  But with  cellular reprogramming, we can peer deeply into what is being said and get a mirror reflection of the abuses they have suffered.  How many of us were raised to stop where we are when we hurt ourselves and shower love and healing energy onto the body part?  No!  We usually ignore it, go about our busy-ness and then years later wonder why we have this unexplainable pain surfacing.

This is a self healing technique.  When you are massaging the essential oils into a body part, pay attention to the thoughts and/or pictures that surface in your imagination.  DO NOT THINK about those thoughts.  Merely be the observer.  What are those thoughts/pictures telling you?  You may get Mamma telling you how to think about a childhood injury.  You may get a picture of an occurrence in a past civilization.  DO NOT INVALIDATE OR DISCOUNT THESE.  Just view them for what they are - an interesting surfacing from the mental dimension.  A memory from the archives.  The cells of your body have their own memory banks.  They hold the history of the Earth.  What you do will restimulate their memory.  You canít get rid of anything.  All you want to do is massage in a higher frequency which will enable them to access a higher frequency memory if the one they are projecting is dis-eased.

You borrow this organism from the Earth and you will return it to the Earth when you are done with it.  But in the meantime, you can help each other to have a positive, ecstatic experience by re-imagining your operating procedure.

When you shower love into a chosen area, PAY ATTENTION!  Feel how excited the cells become.  Love is the highest frequency you can give them.  They respond immediately as do plants, animals and any other living creature.

And lastly - TRUST YOUR IMAGINATION!!!  Your imagination is the center of your creativity, not some passing, meaningless thought-form popping out of no-where.  Every thing is just a symbol - a part of your own personal myth which has special meaning to you.  All situations are inherently meaningless.  We add the meaning.  You can write your own personal myth in a negative fashion or a positive fashion.  It can be divine or mundane.  Itís up to you.  If you give it a positive meaning, you will get a positive experience and vice-versa.  So say your imagination gives you a picture of a hand being chopped off - oh, my! What  a terrible picture - or - I know that this symbol is reflecting something important to me that I need to look at in order to heal the pain in my wrist.  You keep massaging that wrist, consciously flowing love through your fingertips and feel the energy being released that was blocked, cutting off the rest of the hand from the body.  Wa-la - the wrist stops hurting.  Pay attention to the stuck energy flowing out of your fingers.  What you put your attention on is what you experience.  If your focus is on pain, guess what you will experience?

Your trip through this dimension is perfect if you will allow it.  Rewrite those adventures in consciousness so that they serve you!