One of the most important skills for man to develop is the ability to maintain a focus.  What you choose to focus on is what you are creating in your present physical reality.  Conscious focus of the attention on the reality preferred can be powerful and magical.  On the other hand, the situations in your lives that you complain about are the result of focusing on the things you don't prefer.

Ever since you were children, you have been spoon fed versions of reality.  The majority of entities on this planet were not even told they have a choice.  Now, here you are in adulthood experiencing things in life you don't prefer and feeling stuck with them.

We have observed minds out of control, parroting the programming received from your media and other authority figures without even looking to see if this data is true or not.  Many of your historical documents were written by biased minds and are not even factual accountings of events.  Yet you will send your children to be schooled in these myths without even checking to see if what they are being taught is valid.  Blind faith, wouldn't you say?  And why do you have this faith?

It is time in your evolution to take the bull by the horns (or the mind by the programs) and write the story of life that aligns with who you are NOW.

We suggest that you assume a viewpoint of observation over your thoughts and belief systems to learn what programs you are running.  Every time you find one that falls short of the ideal, rewrite it.  Get agreement from your brothers and sisters to create the new collective.  You have an infinite number of choices.  The reality you focus on most strongly is the one you pick.  Since love is the highest frequency, these pictures of reality will serve you and others best.  You are creating your future and your children's future NOW and you will have to live with these choices as you are doing in the present.  The more you practice going from re-act to re-spond the easier and more natural it becomes with the result of being able to assume full response-ability for your life and the elimination of "outside authority".  You can't really blame anything outside of yourself for your present reality - YOU CHOSE IT!  But due to the "forgetter", you forgot you chose it or even that you have the ability to chose a reality.

You are stimulus/response creatures.  You are the effect of your own self created thoughtforms.  Take yourself off of the effect viewpoint and assume the viewpoint of the Creator of the mind/body complex.  You created these awesome machines to serve you.  Unless you assume responsibility over them, they wind up controlling you.  You feel like life is attacking you, it's a struggle, you have to work hard at making life go right, you're exhausted and not having FUN anymore.  Guess what?  You've given your power to machines that are out of control because there is nobody home running them.

You feed experiences to the mind which records each one in minute detail.  You, as your higher, more expanded Self,  then weave the tapestry of the synchronicities of life; i.e. you put the mind/body machine in various circumstances with different people which is like an electrical stimulus (re-member everything is made out of energy).  You have a positive or negative response to the stimulus based upon the meaning you give it.  All situations are inherently neutral until you, the Creator that you are, assigns them meaning.  Instead of feeling like "why is this happening to me", suppose you bless the situation for stirring you up so that you have an opportunity to view the definitions you have stored regarding this situation.  Then, if you don't like the meaning you have given this stimulus, re-write it.  It cannot mirror back negativity if you have given it a positive definition.  There is an incredible depth to each situation.  You usually just skim the surface.

Your higher, expanded, multidimensional Self adores you.  (Oh, you didn't know that?  Why not focus on being ONE with the rest of your Self.)  You do not create situations in your lives to punish yourselves (although this is just as valid a focus as any other).  You create these situations so that you are continually in fine-tuning mode.  You always have checks and balances going on.  You didn't come into this 3rd Density Earth to keep the old programs going.  Not this time.

WAKE UP!  Claim back your birthright as the Creator of your life.  Bless each individual and situation.  This will zap it with a higher frequency and you can only experience like in return.

Let's take the relationship issue, for instance.  I think you'll agree that this is an area of social consciousness that could use some re-writing.  Imagine you just broke up with your mate.  This brings up many emotions and thought patterns - a mishmash of your own previous definitions mixed up with your parents, friends, movies, etc.  Assume the viewpoint of the Observer, watch the play, how the mind/body complex re-acts.  Observe the other actors in the drama and what this brings up for them.  You now have a choice - you can choose to re-write the script in a more positive way or stick to the old programs, whichever you feels serves you the best.  You might ask yourself "who wrote this script anyway"?  YOU HAVE!  Even if you borrowed meanings from someone else, you elected to incorporate them into your repertoire!  You just forgot (an equally valid experience).  If you decide to resist the situation, you energetically add weight & stickiness to it which helps it to stay around longer.  Very creative!  So if you really put this into the positive and allow it to work FOR you, it may go something like this "thank you my ex-mate for helping to bring these thoughts and emotions out of me so I can see the definitions/beliefs I have about life.  I see there are many things I would like to re-write.  I hope the experience has been just as illuminating for you".

If you have the "easier said than done" response pop up, go to the Re-Dreaming page and we can walk you through it..