My Pleiadian buddies are very big on frequency.  It has been the other major teaching for me besides focus.  They say that everything is vibrating at a particular frequency and the rate with which it vibrates determines its particular energetic pattern.  The only reason your body and a table look different is due to frequency differences but everything is made of the same ONE energy.

Mourzi & the gang wonder why we choose frequencies in our lives that are incompatible to us.  We have these "should do" definitions rather than educating ourselves about frequency dynamics and re-arranging our lives to be supportive to who we are.  The way we discern what is compatible with our personal energy sea is to take it into the heart center and see how it feels.  Everybody knows how they feel about things.

I know sometimes when I look at my life I will view the whole ball of wax at once, get overwhelmed and then dismayed at the task.  Mourzi suggests that we not approach it that way.  He says if you take one small thing that you know is not YOU and change that one thing that it will affect the whole.  Then take another small thing and so on.  If you are looking at a biggy that you don't have a clue how to change, find something you know you can shift the energy of.  For instance, say you have a vase sitting on your shelf that was given to you by an old boyfriend that you parted company with on not the best of terms.  That vase is a symbol of that relationship and serves to remind you of who you are not.  Get rid of it.  Give it as a gift to someone who doesn't have any history with it.  It will start a new life as a symbol of love from you to them.  Simple, huh?

It amazes the Pleiadians at how creative we are in dreaming up blocks.  Sometimes it is completely spontaneous just like a bad habit.  So they are not suggesting we do anything other than what we have always been doing - just pump it up to another frequency.

Another example - you have a bedspread that Aunt Mabel gave you 10 years ago.  This is a bedspread you would never have bought for yourself in a million years.  You are not going to love and appreciate Aunt Mabel any less if you give away this bedspread and create your bedroom to reflect the person you are now.

Which brings up another important point - WE CHANGE!  The person you were five years ago is not who you are today.  Keep current and honest with yourself.  Make it FUN!  Walk around the house and do the "this is me - this is not me" exercise.  I caught myself wearing certain color combinations that my mother had taught me went together.  One day I realized that I had never considered what colors excited me to wear and how I liked to mix and match them.  Sounds stupid but it was extremely revelatory.

A friend of mine, who is Miss Green Thumb Deluxe, was driving down the street of her town and realized how drab it was due to a lack of green.  So she wrote a letter to the local newspaper which was so well received that a bunch of planting projects started up and the town is becoming much more beautiful.

Your body is one of the best frequency meters in the cosmos.  If you think about what to have for dinner, your body will instantly yeah or nay.  You can get so good at this that you can go into the health food store, pick up a bottle of vitamins, and feel if they are what you need.  As soon as the mind kicks in and starts to maybe, maybe not, you lost it.  It has to be a  spontaneous FEELING with no thought.  When thought kicks in, you are in the past with what you've been taught.  Keep it clean, get out of your circuits.

And you don't have to feel guilty because you don't want to hang around certain frequencies.  There is someone for everyone on this planet and you will actually be doing someone a disservice by forcing yourself into a situation that isn't you and then spreading your uncomfortable vibes around.

If everyone honored their true feelings and created their lives to be frequency supportive to who they know themselves to be, we would be living in a different world.

Spread this around - start a new fad - THE FREQUENCY FAD!