Going to the Light  

By Ellie  

Back in 1989, I was living on a farm in West Virginia.  On February 17th, I drove 12 miles to the town of Philippi for supplies.  No sooner had I walked into the store than I received a very strong telepathic message to go home and meditate.  I thought, "you must be kidding, I just drove all this way and I only need to pick up a few things.  It won't take me long and then I'll go".  The message came even stronger "go home and meditate".  Well, for once in my hardheaded life, I listened and went home, to the amazement of my left-brain.  Now when I reflect back on this, I canít believe I was arguing with the Higher Power.

On my living room floor, I laid out a five-pointed star with crystal points pointing towards my crown in the North, hands & feet.  Prior to this, for a week, I had been drinking water charged with amethyst and chanting ďI AM ONEĒ and singing the love songs played on the radio to God/Goddess/All That Is/Source.  I laid down in my star and started doing chakra breathing - inhale slowly at the root chakra while visualizing red, visualize orange at the naval, yellow at the solar plexus, green at the heart, baby blue at the throat, indigo at the third eye & finally violet at the crown - exhale.  Then I inhaled at the crown visualizing violet and on down through the colors to the root chakra and exhaled.  The big theme was total relaxation and surrender.  I just let go of my little self and all that entails to the Higher Power.  I did this for a little while, went into an altered state (which always happens with rhythmic breathing) and on one of my trips up, when I hit the crown chakra, I kept going to the LIGHT. 

I was immersed in sparkly white light like sunlight on new fallen snow with all the colors of the rainbow in it.  I couldnít make out any separate colors; I just knew they were all there making up the wholeness of the White Light and that all of those colors are all of us (and not just the ďusĒ on this planet, the us-es everywhere).  We were all there in homogenous Oneness.  The frequency of this Light was the most intense love I have ever felt.  I realized that here on Earth we don't even know what "True Love" really is.  COMPLETE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Contemplate that; what would that feel like?  I realized that we are all absolutely adored by our Source.  No matter what we have done in any of our lives, we are completely accepted and loved absolutely.  This revelation brought with it absolute JOY.  I felt like I was HOME for the first time.  I thought, "that's it, I'm home, I'm staying", never even giving my three children a second thought or what I had left behind.  I was completely engulfed in Love & Light; it was TOTAL; there is no room for anything else because itís all there.  It was so wonder-full.  Then the same thing happened that I've read has happened to others who had Near Death Experiences.  The Love said, "Your mission isn't complete".  So, without a second thought, I came back.  I would do anything for that Love.  When I opened my eyes, everything was glittering; the ashes in the ashtray, the rug, the walls, everything; there is nothing that is not this Light; itís the Omnipresence, everything is made of it; there is only One Light and itís everywhere.  I felt so connected for the first time this life to the Source of Everything. 

Needless to say, I haven't been the same since.  This experience completely removed the fear of death.  How could one be afraid to go Home to Love?  It's scarier to walk on this planet, separated from that Love, forgetting where we come from.  This Earth experience is just that, one experience within Eternity.  We are all just writing another chapter in our Book of Forever.  I was shown that what we focus on at the hour of our death is what we will experience because all comes from Mind, all is allowed by the Love.  Whatever we want to experience is allowed and itís all a mirror of our point of view; point of view is all there is and that is Creation.  We have been given it All to experience, we are it All and the way we manifest that for ourselves is by assuming a point of view.  You can notice this for yourself Ė look at times in your life when you changed your point of view about something and you created a whole new experience for yourself. 

I was urged to share with others to focus on Love, Light and being Home.  I was also shown that we have never really left H-OM-E because Home is our true Selves, the homogenous White Light. We just shifted our point of view away from that Love/Light to have this experience of separation and we can shift our focus back while being embodied on Earth and re-connect.  We donít have to die to go Home.  Oh Joy, oh fun!

We are all so adored.  It's truly amazing how we could shut that out.  It's so powerful and obviously so are we to be able to pretend not to be there.  We can use the same method to turn it back on J