MESSAGE FROM MOURZI – 10/7/2001 (An 11 Day)

(Mourzi belongs to a group of Pleiadians in service to Planet Earth at this time)

My dear brothers and sisters:

Inspite of the tragedies now occurring on your planet, these are also times of great acceleration of Love and Light. We have observed many different spiritual factions uniting to anchor the Love. There is a Oneness occurring in the Astral that many of you are not aware of on Earth. All of your meditations and prayers fuse on another level. A great shift in consciousness is taking place. You also have lots of help from your extra-dimensional families.

We have come to you at this time to ask for your assistance in a project we are involved with. Let us give you a little background. There is an electromagnetic hotspot in your southern Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Chile called Easter Island. The energies from this generator fuel an interdimensional tunnel that runs in a triad from Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii to Mt. Fuji in Japan to Mt. Shasta in California in the United States. This in turn electromagnetically affects the entire Ring of Fire. There is a direct line from Afghanistan through the Earth to Easter Island. Dark forces have been channeling energy into the vortexal area of the Middle East which has kept this area in turmoil for sometime now. We have our ships positioned above this area to help shift the frequencies.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Please focus your tremendous collective power of Love and Light onto Easter Island. This will disrupt the negative polarization and help to propel you faster towards the reality you have all so diligently been working towards. The power and scope of this project is totally dependent on your participation. It will quicken the Quickening!

Never feel that you are alone. God/Goddess, All That Is loves you more than you know. Keep calling in the forces of Love and Light. A shift IS occurring!