by Liane


The acupressure points are the keys Ė the major pressure points being the white keys and the minor pressure points being the black keys. The astral body has the same set up and can also be played as a piano (as above, so below). There are many charts available on this topic. Get some!

The body is a highly sensitive sensory device that is constantly communicating to us. We strike a tone/frequency/note mentally or physically and get it mirrored back to us right away or years later.

When a point is talking to you, as in pain, massage that point; notice the energy moving and flowing. Watch the body as a whole and observe its interconnectedness. You can massage a point on the foot, get a release in the solar plexus, a twinge in your neck, a pain over the eyebrow, etc. By viewing the body as a whole integrated system you shift your separated point of view. You allow the body to mirror this integration back to you. What you are looking for you will see!

Massage your own body. You are the one occupying it and receiving the communications. How can you play the piano through someone elseís body? You are either an observer or a participator in your life. Get empowered!

When you hurt your body, donít curse it, love it as a little child. It is totally on the effect point of YOU Ė you decide whether it lives or dies. Love it like your favorite pet and it will mirror that back. Breathe in the Light of Unconditional Love (the REAL YOU/SOURCE) and FEEL the Joy coursing through the body , or feel the pain of separation and neglect. All pain is a separation from Source.

Pay attention to the energy flowing. What you have your attention on is what youíll get. Focus on the pain Ė youíll get pain. Focus on the energy flowing unobstructed Ė thatís what youíll experience. The action of the energy is a mirror telling you what you are doing. Donít forget that the physical mirrors the mental. Itís all created on the mental plane before it is reflected in the physical. The reason we get stiffer with age is due to all those old stiff ideas we didnít have as children. Let go of those old thought-forms that are causing you pain. Observe how you resist certain things in your life. Resistance causes energy accumulation. You need resistance in order to have a solid physical Universe but when it gets out of balance, mental and/or physical pain is the result. It is our definitions about the situation that influence the action of energy.

Choose the highest energy you can imagine (utilize that mental plane to its fullest capacity); i.e. you may focus on White Light that contains all the colors of the rainbow, like snow under sunlight, with the feeling of Love that brings you Joy in its wake. Itís all a matter of frequency. Make a fist, extend the index finger and place it on the painful area. Focus on shooting the pain with the White Light of Love like the magician you are and donít forget to FEEL it. If you donít FEEL it, it is just a nice idea floating around in the Mental Plane. Ground it through your body.

Listen to your body! What is it trying to communicate to you? If you have a pain in your foot, get in touch with what itís saying to you and then let it go noticing the energy flowing and feeling the excess draining out your toes. The energy will follow the point of view. And please donít invalidate your process if it doesnít disappear the first time. After all, you have been accumulating some of this stuff for years. Plus, there is always a transcendent teaching in every experience and if something lingers in your life, you obviously arenít done with it. Embrace it for the divine revelation within and you will allow it to come. Make it wrong and it will continue to smack you in the face.

Whatever you do, donít NAME it. Naming is a technique used in Magic for manifestation purposes. If you donít want something hanging around, donít name it. The medical profession is an excellent teacher on the misuse of magic. On the other hand, realize that it is transient, change being the only constant in the Universe.