One of the techniques I have been gifted with from Mourzi, my Pleiadian buddy, is "Pyramids of Light".

Gather together 3 or more friends.  You can also call in your E.T. friends, Spirit Guides, the overlighting Deva of the area, etc. You don't have to be in the same physical space.  Agree upon a time and place then meet above it in the ethers.  You will feel each other's presence after a little practice.  Stake out the four corners around the area you have chosen with balls of light ::   Now zoom way overhead but still in the atmosphere.  Throw down beams of light to your lighted corners.  Once the pyramid is established, everyone should interact with it in the way their guidance tells them.  Some people like to run a light line around the bottom of the pyramid.  Some like to sit on the peak throwing down beams.  Some like to slide down the sides, others like to dance around the tip.  Whatever you have an urge to do, do it.  That is a very important point I always get reminded of by Mourzi.  You will know what your guidance wants you to do by the urge you have or what feels most natural to you.  Trust it!  By the way, once placed, they don't go away.  You can go back from time to time and refresh them.

These "Pyramids of Light" are very powerful as they are highly concentrated focused energy.   So you must be prepared for the outcome.  Do not judge what occurs  if it doesn't fit what you "think" should happen.  We are calling in higher dimensional energies, be it our Higher Selves or spirit friends, who  have a much broader perspective than our 3-D consciousness.  If they don't, you have accessed the wrong plane!   Try again with more love in your heart.

I have found these "Pyramids of Light" very transforming in areas of extreme darkness.   Love always chases out the hate and light chases out the dark whether it be disembodied spirits, war, or dis-ease.  The more of us that gather together in unity the greater the power.