Quotes from Mourzi

(or Pleiadian Mental Vitamins.  Assimilated best when you contemplate one a day!) 

"All you can ever share is your own personal myth."

"There can be nothing outside of your reality."

"All that you perceive is a product of your point of view.  Change that point of view and you change your entire experience."

"You exist in an energy sea of unlimited potential we fondly call 'the soup' ."

"What you manifest for yourselves out of the soup is determined by your focus."

"Catch the sparkle of the moment - be in the Now for the first time every time.  The wonderment of childhood."


We are here to say, "you can drop your nightmare and dream with your expanded self into a state of Bliss".

"Your ego ( persona ), mind & body are tools you use to interact in a physical dimension."

"Your thinking mechanism is a computer.  You are the programmer.  Are your programs still serving you or do you need an upgrade?"

"The universal energy operates under the boomerang effecT  (Karma, you reap what you sow, etc.) so you always know what you're doing.  Be the 'observer' and see what your life is saying to you."

"Everything in the physical universe is made out of the same One Energy vibrating at different frequencies.  The highest is Love."

"When a situation arises in your life that you could define as negative, give it a positive meaning and allow the universe to show you how it can work for you."

"Spirit talks to you through symbols.  Next time you are entertaining negative thinking and a bird squawks at you, don't ignore it!"


"You are either thinking or you are paying attention"

"Only when you are fully present in the moment and receiving from your Core Essence Do things move and shift rapidly.  You awaken more swiftly to another level of self."

"Look at your body and see your mind."

"There is only one of which we are all a part consequently there is only one problem (separation) and one solution (going home).  This can be done while in body."

In the eyes of Creation, you are all little children.  See each other as little children figuring out creation and you will be more forgiving."

"you will know more the less you make wrong.  Look for the perfection."

"Fear is a lack of trust in the Love you were created from."

"Home is not a place.  it is a state of being!  The further you get away from home the less stable you are."

"Your Higher Self speaks to you with that first small thought that is so easy to dismiss."

"In this life you are always preparing for death and in that preparation you find life."

"You have only ONE stability in your life, everything else is changing, forever!"

"focus on being in love.  When you are in love is there any room for anything else?"

"It's okay, define life anyway you like.  It's only one experience in forever and only as important as you define it."

"Where do you assign cause?"

"If you wake up in the morning to who you think you are, you are not allowing yourself to wake up to who you've become."

"you treat others the way you treat yourself.  Lighten up on yourself!"

"If you feel the need to explore 'blaming', it is far healthier to blame yourself than to give your power away by blaming others!"

"the things you dislike about others are the things you dislike about your self.  You can't perceive something you are not.  Home is all that is.  to go home, all of creation must be integrated."

"To the degree that you don't feel loved and adored is the degree to which you are separated from Source!"

"imagination is the storyteller of your life"

"What you see in others you help bring out in them."

"look in the mirror and see god/goddess/all that is"

"Be the magician and restore the magic to your life."

"the gravity of your world reflects the gravity of its inhabitants"

"Honor the button pushers for they are your salvation.  And don't forget, it is really you pushing your own buttons."

"Enlightenment is not something you attain; it is what you are."

"Your life has a depth you can't fathom."