Waterfall of Light

Another technique Mourzi, my Pleiadian buddy, shared with me is the Waterfall of Light meditation.


Create your meditative atmosphere.  Find a comfortable position - can be sitting or lying, whichever feels best.  Take a deep breath in through the nose all the way down to your abdomen.  Let it slowly out of your mouth as far as you can with an "Ahhh".  Repeat 2 more times.

With eyes closed, dream yourself sitting under a waterfall of white light like snow with all of the colors of the rainbow in it's whiteness.  Feel it splashing onto your head & running down, then splashing onto your shoulders.  It continues down your arms and torso, all the way down to a puddle at your feet that overflows onto the Earth and is absorbed by her.  As this snow white light melts into the Earth,  it is transmitted via the crystalline laticework that runs throughout her to the entire globe.

FEEL the intense love that this light brings with it.  FEEL it way out from your body as it comes in to this plane, getting more and more solid until it turns into liquid light and cascades over your body.  FEEL it soaking into your pores and filling you up.

Let your imagination run wild.  Be open to communion with your Higher Self  (Holy Spirit) through pictures and feelings.  Let yourself be guided into ECSTASY.

Continue for as long as it feels right - 5 minutes  to 5 hours.  Fall asleep under it.  Walk down the street leaving light puddles as you go. Take advantage of your poetic license. And know that as you allow yourself to receive the gift of Love which overflows from you to everything, you are creating great change.


**Mourzi showed me how dis-eases are in varying shades of dark depending on how debilitating they are.  I saw how dark cannot maintain itself in the presence of Light.
When you consciously focus this Light on areas of dis-ease in any of your bodies, subtle to solid, it will dissipate the dark.  This goes for spooks, too.  If a disembodied entity is being intrusive or disruptive in your space, blast them with Love & Light and watch them bolt.