The Pleiadians consider dreaming an art, day-dreaming as well as night-dreaming.  They say that we dream our lives first on the mental plane and then see it mirrored  back to us on this one.  All of the inventions ever created were first dreamt in the mind of the inventor and then manifested on this plane.  Nicola Tesla had full blown working models in his mind before starting to create them in physicality.

Imagine you are an artist.  When you were born, your life was like a blank canvas.  You had your astrological blueprint (your personal way of approaching life) but no structure. You were taught what to paint on that canvas by your parents, teachers, clergy and society in general not to mention having jumped into the collective consciousness of this planet.  Now that you are grown-up and in control of your mind (hopefully), these old definitions may no longer be serving you.  Feel like it's time for a new dream?  The Pleiadians consider the imagination, the tool of dreaming, to be the seat of creativity.

People get into trouble when they fight their natural Self and try to install somebody else's version of reality as their own.  When we are little, no one usually asks us how we would dream our life to be.  We adopt the old paradigm of "that's just the way it is", try to "make the best of it" and "fit in".  This is why we are considered the Masters of Limitation by our galactic family.  And they don't mean this as a put down.  They truly consider us masters in our field and if they ever wanted to know about limiting points of view, they'd ask an earthling.

We have been living a dream of "forgetfulness" which is an agreed upon collective focus but the time of awakening is NOW.  We do have a choice.  There is a definite mechanic to the Universe.  Our brothers and sisters of the stars are excited about co-creating great dreams with us and sharing their experiences.  And, after all, we called them or they wouldn't be here!

Many times when we start to envision another world,  old belief systems surface showing us all the reasons "why not".  A gift from the subconscious!   If you need help Re-Dreaming your life and are excited about learning tools and techniques from our E.T. family, contact us.  We love to share!  We won't do it for you, though, you have to apply the tools and do it yourself.  You got yourself into this pickle and you can get yourself out of it.