Isn't it interesting, as you look back and reflect on all of your experiences, how perfect the tapestry has woven to bring you to where you are today? Even things that could be defined as negative, when allowed a positive definition, become valuable experiences. So it was with the events in my life leading up to my reunion with Mourzi and Amber of my Pleiadian* family.

Early in my life, I was guided to study all of the major philosophies and psychologies upon this planet to see what people were into. I then became interested in disembodied entities and started hanging out in cemeteries to see if I could make contact, which I did. After getting this foundation in place, I had an urge to study and investigate the current state of affairs on this planet with regard to the UFO/ET situation. After five years of this, I guess I was ready for what was to come next.

One night in 1989, my husband and I were playing around with a Ouija Board. We used to talk with his guide and a dolphin named Nozo. (Dolphins are telepathic beings, not fish.) On this particular evening, Nozo's dad, Zok, broke in to make sure Nozo wasn't interfering (he would do this every now and then to check up on the kid). We told him that we loved communicating with Nozo and it was O.K. Zok then said that the dolphins and Pleiadians were friends and visited quite frequently. There was a Pleiadian with him right now who said he knew me and would I like to talk with him. I said "sure" and got chills all over. This entity said he knew me from the Pleiades Star System. He knew I had decided to come to Earth as part of a team to assist in the transformation into 4th Density and would I like to channel him. I said I'd love to. He then said "no more Ouija, vocal". At the time, I didn't realize what he was requesting but was soon to find out. .

So here I am in the boonies of West Virginia trying to figure out how to channel. I got every book I could find on the subject (not much in 1989) in an attempt to figure out this phenomenon. My body went through all kinds of adjustments as I was getting used to his frequency. It was a big teaching in surrender and trust. I had a real back off at first on making my space available to someone outside of myself. I had been communicating with spirits for years but never invited one in. I had read too many stories about how that wasn't such a good idea :-) But, Mourzi's frequency was so high and loving, I got comfortable real quick.

After some months, I began focusing on a one to one physical contact. Well, what you focus on is what you get. One evening around midnight, I had this urge to look out of my window. As I looked up, I saw this huge ship pass over my house. It was round with a big bright light in the center of the underside. It proceeded to go across the hayfield to the woods and hovered there. It had bright lights around its middle that flashed in sequence - red, white, blue, yellow & green. I thought, "okay, now in your classic contact cases, I am supposed to go out alone into the woods on a dark and moonless night". Not this city girl! I was more afraid of lions & tigers & bears, oh my! So I went up to my bedroom on the 2nd floor and watched it out the window. As I was doing this, we established telepathic contact which was easy now that I had been practicing channeling and was familiar with their frequency.

I had read the Billy Meier Contact Notes and thought it would be exciting to see Mourzi in person and ride in his ship. He then flashed me a picture in vivid 3-D living color of a probable scenario based upon current events; i.e. people invading my space, government agents peeking out from behind trees, etc. I decided it would be far more exciting to keep it telepathic. After watching the ship for a couple of hours, I got to this point where I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and we met on a 4-D level which is far more easier for them. They have to really condense their particles to be observable in this density and it takes a lot of work to maintain that frequency. So it's easier if I meet them half way in meditation or sleep.

The next day my friend called me up and was all excited about a huge spacecraft that had gone over her house about a half an hour before it went over mine. She described the exact craft I had seen.

Mourzi said that no sightings are accidental, they are co-created to tweek us into re-membering, and that we are all dreaming ourselves into this experience.


*A short note on the term Pleiadian: I have been shown that the Pleiades Star System is a huge neighborhood with many worlds in many densities in varying stages of development just as our own system. So the term Pleiadian is used very loosely and is a trigger word for those of us who have an affiliation in that direction. There are many beings coming through these days who use this term. They can be from different densities and time frames. Just as there are many family trees on this one planet, there are zillions of E.T. family trees. What triggers you right NOW is what is important.




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